VISION: Unreached people, reached.

The W's

-- Who --

The Syrians in Berlin.

Millions of Syrians have migrated into Europe to find refuge in response to war, conflict and persecution. Germany has pledged to host more than 43% of the combined EU total of refugees. Syria has been one of the most difficult countries for our organization to get into, and now the people are coming to us.


-- WHAT --

Based in a center in Berlin, we are seeking to create a meaningful impactful presence among a people who has been ostracized, taken advantage of, and oppressed to the point of emigration. 

We meet physical and spiritual needs in whatever way possible through a center for refugees.


-- WHEN-- 

The center is up and running right now. 

I will be there as soon as I have enough support raised to last the first 2 years.

-- WHY --

Physical: Each individual is created in the image of a living and loving God, and we are accountable to God to treat them with the utmost dignity. We work to meet needs for any physical assistance necessary.

Spiritual: For the first time in generations unreached people have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to make sure that happens.

-- WHERE --


This city is strategic. In the past 2 years, Germany has let in significantly more asylum seekers than any other european country. This makes its capital of particular interest if we're to make an impact among the new immigrants.


THe Center

We have been blessed to host our outreach out of a small building in Berlin. For more information on that space, please visit

-- Me -- 

Hey I'm Robbie. 

Massachusetts is where I call home. As a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, I studied Evangelism and Discipleship, and have been involved in paid/ unpaid ministry positions for the past 8 years or so. 

I've been working the past 6 years specifically to be sent out as an international worker. Having ministry experience in Russia, Mexico, Chicago, El Salvador, Spokane, Costa Rica and several other countries, I'm taking all my training and past experience and using it where it's needed most.

These next 2 years are a formal apprenticeship under veteran International workers who will teach me the ins and outs of their work.