Cape Cod Bible Alliance

It Has Finally Begun

It was Lao Tzu who beautifully said,

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

and well... he was sorta wrong... sorry.

There's a WHOLE lot more that goes into beginning a THOUSAND mile journey than just walking! If you don't prepare properly, that thousand mile journey will look more like crying at the top of the hill at mile 14 because you forgot to stretch, you don't have enough electrolytes, and you thought it best not to mention your leg seizing up on you the past 6 miles.

I've been there. Backpacking. And no one liked me.

So I'm not doing that again, Lao.


But I have started my next season in preparation before I move to Berlin this fall.

A Speaking Tour!

No, I'm not some hot-shot PhD with a silver tongue and wisdom beyond my years. But Cape Cod Bible Alliance didn't know that :)

This last weekend was spent with CCBAC and it was a BLAST!

Matt, their youth pastor is SO solid! Dude just graduated from Gordon Conwell, and you can tell! He is doing a fantastic job of leading the youth, and there are several there who I plan on checking in on because God is definitely at work in their lives.

AND Matt helped me in every way he could. Friday night after Hayden (...Haden? ... Hey Den?) beat everyone at tag and kick-a-bottle-into-a-tiny-net, they let me talk to them for 40 minutes about Ecclesiastes 3:11 where someone MUCH WISER THAN LAO TZU said, 

"He [God] has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man's heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end," Ecc 3:11. (italics mine)

and if you want the rest of the message, ask the youth group :)

Saturday was spent having breakfast with some of the youth group (who did admittedly kick my butt at a sport I've played for 18 years), then chilling in P-Town, watching Jim get pooped on, and finishing off with dinner where I got to talk to an amazing guy named Ryan.


continue to follow God where he leads in the midst of opposition (Nehemiah 4). I'm praying for you!

Then Sunday morning I was blessed with the opportunity to speak for a few minutes about what I'll be doing overseas. And the congregation was JUST WONDERFUL. 

Everything I'd heard and better! I've never felt so welcomed to a church in my life. And its certainly weird to be treated like a guest of honor when you're being hosted by people much more honorable than yourself.


It was the perfect experience for a first experience. CCBAC is a fantastic place, and I cannot wait to see how our teams work together.

It goes without saying that my family and favorite (if I can use that word) body of believers is the one who took me in for so many years and has been investing in me since I was a child - Church of Emmanuel.

But I now, more than ever, know that there are many more loving amazing people in the New England district and I'm ecstatic to meet them! 

Thank you CCBAC, see ya soon!

Peace and Love