Are You Who You Want Others To Be?


If you were raising a baby

and you wanted to shield that baby from cultural influences that get in the way of God  interacting with your child,

and if you never played a popular song from the radio because its message would get into your child's mind,

if you couldn't rely on an entertaining television program to take your child's imagination into non reality where fake figures live life in a fake world with fake problems and fake solutions and outcomes,

if you didn't have books and tv shows and apps and smart phones and anything else to turn to to alleviate your struggle as a parent, --

if it was just you and your child,

what would happen? 


What would happen is that your child would end up looking just. like. you. 


learning just what you taught her, and she'd talk as you do, sing like you do, laugh like you do, learn importance from the things you value.

Your baby would be discipled by you in every walk of life.

Are you comfortable with that?

Would you be courageous enough to let someone become you?


Would that person thank you for the gift or would they be stunted because your priorities and creativities were stifled by your own lack of attention to life and your lack of attention to your disciple?

If they learned you inside and out, would they be the person you would want them to be?

If not, why aren't you changing?

Put simply, that's what discipleship is-- making people into you. 

When Paul says, "imitate me as I imitate Christ" he means it.

Personally, I currently have one guy that I literally call my disciple. Dude, if you're reading this.... whats up! I'll see you tomorrow.

Will I be me with him?

The bad, the horrible, the nasty, the crap about myself that terrifies me, the things I do not want him to become, those parts of my personality that I'm not even sure are worth replicating? 

Or what about the good, the great, the uninhibited peace, the moments of pure bliss and ecstasy where life could not be better, the unrivaled passions, the high ideals and strong resolves

Easy Answer, no. 

Just being honest. I am not the sum total of all that I want to be. I never have been.


Will I put the time and effort in to let him become like me by changing myself into the man I want him to be?

Hard answer, yes.

It's hard because it means coming to grips with the fact that you're not good enough to merit replication - but imitate Christ, and take on HIS personality, and HIS love and HIS leadership qualities - then its a different story.

You need to change yourself if you want to be satisfied with the transformations that happen in people as they are taught to live like you do

as you live like your disciplers showed you to,

because they live like their's and so on and so forth

with all of this under our chief shepherd Jesus; in his perfect life, selfless death, impossibility-shattering resurrection and his current position as our high priest and helper.

He is redeeming you even right now, let Him do his changing work in you to make you into a person that other people should be more like.

Robert HaddadComment