Let the Fun Begin!

What Up What Up What Up!! 


It's ya boy Robbie comin at you live from Berlin! 


SO I got here yesterday. It's currently 10:14 pm, but my brain thinks it's 3pm.... but like I woke up at 2am.

It's a little chilly and aside from the airline losing one of my bags, everything went pretty well getting here!

-sidenote- A dude punched a guy in the face who tried to steal his wife's Luois Vuitton Purse in the airport! Yeah justice!! 

(yeah please pray about that bag... it has ALL of my clothes in it!).


But i'm here! I'm in Berlin! Like Germany! And when people ask me how long I'm going to be here for, I literally say I don't know! The more it hits me that this is home, the more glad I am to be here! Seriously - this is so rad!

My other blogs will hopefully have more substance, and I'm SUUUUPS sorry if you're reading this to entertain yourself :( but here's the gist-list of what I've been up to for the past 32 hours --- and you're allowed to milk it or skim it [whichever dairy you prefer]:

  • Arrived at 11am Berlin time
  • Looked for lost bag for 30 minutes
  • Trying to stay awake
  • Nice man with cool accent behind the desk said he'll call me if he finds it..... Rad!
  • Met the Phenicies (the workers I'm the apprentice of here who run the center) they're awesome. Already can tell we're gonna work well together :)
  • Took public transit to the center
  • Saw my soon-to-be apartment which is literally 2 floors above the center! Cha-ching!
  • Ate lunch at a small Polish restaurant nearby
  • Met Lubnah (Palestinian refugee who lives with Phenicies) she's also cool as ice
  • Grabbed quality groceries at a state of the art German grocery store. (you pay for things with monopoly money here)
  • Almost fell asleep walking back
  • Got a new cellphone number! +49 176 23761437
  • Met Martin - man who helps Jurius (Syrian pastor at our center) with German. Martin is fluent in English, Arabic, Spanish, and of course German. #languagegoals
  • Had dinner with everybody at the center!
  • Struggled to stay awake
  • Conked out in the center's guest house - but not before figuring out that I packed all my clean underwear in a bag that DIDN'T get lost! Score: Airline 1 - Robbie 1
  • Woke up!
  • Met an Iraqi/ Syrian couple at the center who chanted the bible in Quranic chant
  • Had lunch with the Berlin Team Leader Jose (Theology prof who runs a spanish speaking church in Berlin)
  • Signed my lease on the new place!
  • Landlord went through the apartment with me to find anything broken
  • Trying to stay awake while saying yes to whatever he was saying
  • He left so I went for a walk and WHERE I LIVE IS SO NICE!! So stoked for the ventures
  • Researched German Language Courses in Berlin (probably gonna do GLS)
  • Prayed with the team at the center
  • Had game night!
  • Close to 25 people came and I chilled with the bros cuz "all things to all men"
  • Made great friends with a guy named Mohammed, can't wait to chill more! (Mohammed if you're reading this, that's hilarious)
  • Day ended. 
  • Now I'm here on the couch at the guest apartment!

So far, I'm totally impressed with the center, the team that I've met and how many people came to game night.

I know God will do crazy things through this place in the next few years and I fully anticipate that I'll leave it better than when I came! Already, I'm seeing God provide opportunities for me to live out the gospel and to share the gospel VERBALLY. But man oh man do I want to learn German and Arabic!! Like more than anything, that's what I want.
I'm still totally getting over jet lag, but I'll do my best to continue with Instagram stories @robbie.haddad so people can stay semi-uptodated on what's going on! Soon  I can put together a full length fully awesome Vlog! And hopefully I'll be constantly making videos about our ministry too! Wow, this is going to be awesome.




Hey. Did you support me? Are you praying for our ministry? Did you house me this last year? Did you provide me with work while I was traveling speaking to churches? Did you just hang out with me?


Thank you. Seriously thank you!

I wish you were all here, and I know a lot of you wish you were here too!

But all I can say is thank you! You're the reason I'm here, and because of your love, money, your encouragement, your prayers, your leadership, your parenting, and your willingness to listen to my hardheadedness sometimes, I moved! (maybe that was your diabolical plan all along)

But you're the bomb. You really are! 

So please visit. If you want to, you deserve it to explore a super cool German city or to help out with ministry if that's where your heart beats! For whatever help you gave me, I owe you a good time! Just email me and we'll see what we can do!

Much love!

Now get off the internet and go do something fun!! 

Auf wiedersehen!



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