Social Media is Like Life, But a Veiled Life

Social Media is like life, but a veiled life.

It's like seeing an illusionist and all his splendor and the wonder that he creates. He makes this thing disappear and knows that special word and see's that persons card. And all the while your eyes are wide like a child who's just found out he's a superhero, excited but hidden. 

And then all at once, the sleight of hand is slow, the angle was missed, the camera looked too long, and everything you let dazzle you now offends you and even discolors everything else. 

Don't let the illusions of social media discolor the rest of life because it's not 'really that good'.

That's inconsiderate of the first pioneers, the true explorers. They saw reality, we live among air breathers as they did. But the true flavor of something is not in what a thing does, but in the thing itself.

Dive to colder water than before, don't disregard what your eyes are untrained to see. Fight hard to consider the depths of another. Embrace the stiff winds. Let wonder ride upon your back and don't stop to consider that where you are is a subpar version of another would be world.

Robert HaddadComment